Boulders Description:

Decorative rocks 8"+ (about the size of a cantaloupe up to several tons in size depending on variety), random shapes; used to accent any yard or flower bed area. 

Slabs Description:

Description: Large Flat rock 7" to 14" thick; ideal for accents or other creative uses.  

Boulders & Thick Slabs

Albany Slabs
Alpine Boulders
Arizona River Boulders
Alpine Boulders
Austin Slabs
Arkansas Boulders
Austin Slabs
Building Stone Photo
Colorado Multi Color
Colorado River Boulders
New Mexico River Boulders
Moss Boulders
Moss Slabs
Limestone Slabs
New Mexico Granite Boulders
Oklahoma Moss Slabs
Oklahoma River Boulders
Pink Quartz Boulders
Red Lava Boulders
Silver Schist Boulders
Smooth Gray Limestone Boulders_
Smooth White Limestone Boulders
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